News from the Art Department

Art Teachers:  Mrs. Susan Ramsey
                         Mrs. Kristen Delmonico 
News from the Art Department
Kindergarten classes will be exploring sculpture and making connections with the science curriculum of wood and paper.
First graders will be working with collage and learning about the artist Henri Matisse.
Second graders are studying the elements of art: line, shape, color, value, texture, form and space. We will look at the work of the African American artist Jacob Lawrence.
Third graders are working on stitchery to align with their studies of Native Americans and city collages in the style of Ferdinand Leger to connect with their focus on New York.
Fourth grade students are creating characters for their creative writing piece based on a prompt from the author study of Chris Van Allsburg. They will explore the techniques of cross hatching, stippling and shading with pencil and charcoal.
Fifth grade students are studying the effects of light and shadow to create drawings of three dimensional forms: cylinder, cone, cube, rectangular prism, sphere and pyramid.
      We are also in the process of making scenery for the talent show and planning and framing artwork for the Annual Art Show at the University of Bridgeport, “Young at Art”. The opening date for this event will be forthcoming. 
     Second and fourth graders are gearing up for the Lettuce Challenge sponsored by the Stamford Garden Club. This event begins in April and runs through the middle of May.
    Respectfully submitted,
     Susan Ramsey,
     Art Teacher