The Physical Education program focuses on the development of gross motor skills, fitness, and perceptual motor skills in Kindergarten through grade two. The program structure is based on movement education. Grades are based on participation, being prepared (having appropriate sneakers) and effort/behavior. In grades three and four there is a continued development of gross motor skills, while specific sport skills and physical fitness are emphasized. In grade five this emphasis continues with the focus on team sports, game strategies, team play and sportsmanship. The evaluation or assessment in grades three through five focuses on the learning domains: cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (activity), and affective (behavior). Students are assessed on their completion of work, demonstration of skills taught, preparedness for class, participation, effort, and behavior. 


Athletic sneakers or suitable footwear are required to fully participate in Physical Education. Sneakers that are acceptable are those that have laces and/or Velcro fasteners, completely enclosed toe and heal, a sole no greater than an inch thick (high). During inclement weather we suggest the student wears appropriate footwear suited for that weather and brings suitable sneakers in a bag in order to change for PE. For safety reasons, no jewelry should be worn during class time. Students should wear clothing they are able to be active in. If a child needs to wear a dress/skirt we suggest they also wear shorts underneath. Excused non-­‐participation in Physical Education classes must be confirmed in writing from a parent/guardian or medical personnel.


Grade Level Field Day celebrations take place at the end of each school year. These events emphasize the skills that have been learned during the school year. These celebrations are a culmination activity for class participation, effort, achievement and good citizenship. Participating in Field Day events is contingent on students’ successful participation in physical education class and students’ successfully following physical education class and school rules. Students and parents will be notified by the Physical Education teachers if there is a possibility that a student may not be able to participate in Field Day.