The Stamford Music Curriculum focuses on students developing their abilities in learning, creating and performing. It also addresses the diverse nature of music through the exploration of history and culture. The Music program at Springdale School encourages creative and self expression. Students are exposed from Kindergarten through grade five to a variety of musical experiences: vocal performance, instrumental performance, reading and notation, listening skills, creating, movement, history and cultures and integrated studies. The

lessons involve such activities as singing, dance, clapping and using rhythm instruments in the primary grades to studies of the lives and works of the great composers, specific notation and symbol reading skills in grade five. The diverse nature of music is addressed through the exploration of history and culture.


Students in grades four and grade five participate in grade-­‐level Chorus classes each week. The Chorus classes present their learning at winter and spring concerts.


The Instrumental Music Program is offered to all fourth and fifth grade students. The instruments that are available are the flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone and snare and bass drums. Some instruments are available free of charge for beginners from the school.